"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye."

"All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it."

"It is madness to hate all roses because you got scratched with one thorn. To give up on your dreams because one didn’t come true. To give up on our efforts because one of them failed."

" Make of your life a dream, and of a dream a reality."

"For you I'm only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, we'll need each other. You'll be the only boy in the world for me. I'll be the only fox in the world for you.... "

"You become responsible for what you've tamed."

"Men have no more time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made at the shops. But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends any more."

"It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important."

"But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you. "