SMALL PRINT offers your child creative and recreational programs in Romanian, French and English, during which he will have the opportunity to interact with other children of different nationalities and cultures. In order for each child to receive a quality education, as each parent wishes, this process is carried out in the best conditions. If you want to give your child an alternative with high educational potential, you can now choose the formula that best suits his needs. Don't hesitate ... come and meet us!

Little Prince is a center that addresses Romanian, French and English families whose main objective is to promote linguistic and cultural exchanges between Romanian, French and English children. We want to offer them all the chances of success by learning the languages ​​from an early age, through playful, educational and training activities. Using modern teaching methods, we want to facilitate the learning process by empowering children in decision making. To accomplish this, we give the child as much freedom as possible during each proposed activity. Little Prince wants to be an educational center that offers a limited number of registrations. In order to obtain optimum results, we put quality before quantity, so we intend to pay more attention to each child. Because we value quality, we provide children with a material and pedagogical basis, adapted to their age, doubled by a warm and safe environment, where each child feels good, important and accepted by others. The center is open from Monday to Friday, between 7.30 and 18.00, all year round. We offer lower prices to those already on the market, with the intention of meeting all the expectations of our customers. Also, the Francophone Anglophone Educational Center Little Prince has a partnership with a kindergarten in the Paris region in order to facilitate a linguistic exchange through the Internet. For older children, we consider organizing language development trips during the school holidays. We intend to pave the way for linguistic and cultural changes, which are facilitated by Romania's entry into the big family of the European Union and we hope that this project will be part of a long process of collaboration ... This approach reflects our desire to develop a quality intercultural pedagogical structure, which will contribute, at its level, to the social and cultural integration of Romania into the European Union.