Our educational structure gives your child, from 3 years, the opportunity to evolve into a unique framework, rich in learning techniques, with qualified bilingual education staff in foreign countries.Our objective is to promote the linguistic and cultural exchanges of the small Romanian, French and English children, during the play, educational and training activities.Our educational program proposes to your child that experience of “living together”, in the community, which is carried out around the following activities:
  • – reading stories, albums for young people, reading based on images; – creative and imagination games (theater, puppets);

    – manual work and fine arts: drawing, graphics, painting, modeling;

    – discovery of the living world (animals, plants) and the environment;

    – discoveries of the senses;

    – educational and team games;

    – free imitation games;

    – songs, children’s lyrics, music, dances;

    – initiation in computer science;

    – gymnastics activities.